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Keep Your Roof Protected & Gutters Secure

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the quality of your fascia boards? Fascia boards aren’t typically what people think about when it comes to having a high quality roof, but they are incredibly important for providing the stability and protection your roof needs so you and your family are safe from the elements!

If you’re looking to install new fascia boards, don’t look any further than our team at Magallon’s Roofing, Inc. We can provide a quote that fits your budget and get your roof the protection it deserves.

Please, contact our team today for a quote!

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Fascia are More than Just Boards

One of the main purposes for fascia boards is to provide a stable foundation for your gutters to rely on. Rotted, old, or even missing fascia will affect the integrity of your gutters, leading to dips and blockages that could further damage your home.

Fascia boards also provide your roof with the protection it needs from the elements. By closing off the ends of your roof, fascia boards can protect your roof and attic from rain, dirt, dust, and even rodents!

On top of it’s incredible use for protecting your roof and attic, fascia boards help make your roof look complete! By hiding the interior of your roof, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and stand out from the crowd.

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